Euro tile is a concrete and acrylic product that is made to resemble virtually any surface, including Mexican tile, flagstone, slate and natural stone.

It is an ideal surface that has been used for over 20 years in both indoor and outdoor settings, and in both warm and cold temperature climates. It is applied over concrete and most any other surface so long as the surface is sound and solid. Euro-Tile is highly chip and crack resistant, slip resistant, mildew resistant, stain-proof, and water-proof. Euro tile has superior strength & durability for pool decks, patios, walkways, balconies, catwalks and driveways. It is and ideal designers product because the patterns and colors are virtually unlimited.

The Benefits of Euro Tile:

  • Updates pool area instead of pavers, Chattahoochee, tile, stain, or plain concrete
  • Can be used over coping
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe to walk on
  • No weeds or shifting
  • Numerous color combinations

Euro tile is unlike ceramic tile or porcelain tile which is expensive and requires extensive labor. Euro tile is a beautiful type of floor tile type made to resemeble virtually any surface, even surfaces such as natural stone.


Below is a few examples of Eurotile that Eagle Concrete has completed. Please click on a picture to expand it, the arrow keys to go to next picture and the ESC button to go back to the website.

The Eurotile Process

The process in which Eurotile is laid can be seen below. Please follow the pictures in order to get a good idea of the procedure. Once you click on a picture, it will expand and you will be able to sort through using the left and right arrow keys under the picture.